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Paweł Kozioł - a poet, literary critic, graphic designer, programmer.


Paweł Kozioł (born 1979) - poet, literary critic, researcher on mediaeval historiography. On the other hand - author of chess-playing computer programs, visual artist, web designer and translator. Works in Modern Poland Foundation, editing texts available at Cooperates with literary magazine "Lampa".



Czarne kwiaty dla wszystkich, Staromiejski Dom Kultury, Warszawa 2003 (poetry).
Wpław, Staromiejsku Dom Kultury, Warszawa 2005 (poetry) [pdf]
Uwaga, nie ma takiej fali (poetry) [pdf]
Metale ciężkie, Wielkopolska Biblioteka Publiczna i Centrum Animacji Kultury, Poznań 2010 (poetry).
Historia i porządek, Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Nauk w Przemyślu 2010 (essays on mediaeval historiography) [buy]
Przerwane procesy, Lampa i Iskra Boża, Warszawa 2011 (literary criticism) [buy]


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Collages 2013-2014. See more at Behance

Generative poetry

breathing + fake knowledge + tabor Visegrad

Rodent II

A chess playing program, developed since 2011. It requires a graphical user interface (i.e. Winboard, Arena, ChessGui, TarraschGUI). Playing strength and style are adjustable. Rodent hovers around 50th place on CCRL and CEGT rating lists. Source code is available under GPL 3.0 licence. Originally Rodent was based on Sungorus by Pablo Vazquez.

During Rodent's development, a lot of effort has been put into playing style. As a result, it "understands" game plans in some of the closed positions, i.e. those resulting from King's Indian Defence. Future versions will be supplied with even more knowledge of this kind.

More info and files to download are available at Rodent's website.